Rust-Oleum Project

Metallic Blue Shelf Brackets

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  • Estimated Project Time:

    Approximately 1 hour

  • Challenge Level:


  • Tools & Supplies:

Prop your shelves up in style by painting ordinary shelf brackets with a bold metallic blue spray paint. It makes a bold statement in do-it-yourself style.

  1. Set up in a well-ventilated area, such as a garage or outdoor patio.
  2. Place your shelf brackets in the box so they aren't touch each other and there is enough space around them for spray paint to stick. 
  3. Shake the can of paint for about 1 minute after you hear the mixing ball rattle. This ensures your paint is thoroughly mixed. 
  4. Start spraying the paint in a light coat about 10"-16" from the surface. It's a good idea to slightly overlap each stroke for an even-looking appearance and apply more than one coat a few minutes apart. 
  5. Let this side of the shelf brackets dry for 30 minutes, flip them over and spray paint the other side the same way. 
  6. Allow this side of the shelf brackets to dry for 30 minutes before putting them to use. You'll have a brilliant metallic finish for your room that will last a long time to come! 

Tip: Use a cardboard box as a mini spray booth!