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Stops Rust Metal Chair Makeover

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Stops Rust Metal Chair Makeover AfterAfter

Whether you find it at a flea market or on the curb, you'll love turning this rusted metal chair into a DIY masterpiece with Rust-Oleum's Stops Rust spray paint. Stops Rust protects against future rust as it beautifies.


Step 1 Sand
Using a sanding block, remove as much dirt and rust as possible to create a smooth working surface. 


Step 2 Wash
Just a little warm, soapy water will help prepare the surface for painting. Clean surfaces help you get a smooth finish. Make sure the chair is dried throughly before the next step.


Step 3 Prime
Adding a primer will help spray paint adhere to the chair's surface. The Clean Metal Primer should be applied in slow, light, even sprays to avoid drips. 


Step 4 Paint
If you'd like to try a two-tone look, tape the chair's legs in any pattern you'd like and spray the rest of the chair with the Deep Slate paint, peel the tape when it's dry and then spray Gloss White on the chair legs. Don't forget to let the paint dry for at least 30 minutes before applying other coats or one hour before handling.