Rust-Oleum Project

Birds of a Different Color

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  • Estimated Project Time:

    Approximately 1 hour

  • Challenge Level:


  • Tools & Supplies:

Re-imagine birds in pink. Renew their purpose. Create your own flock with spray paint and feel that sense of accomplishment. 

  1. Before you begin, you'll want to make sure your figurines are clean and dry and your work area is covered with a drop cloth.
  2. To prepare the paint, shake the can of 2X Ultra Cover Gloss Berry Pink for 1 minute after you hear the mixing ball begins to rattle. 
  3. Start painting by applying 2-3 light coats of paint onto each bird holding the spray can approximately 10" from the surface. Each coat of paint should dry for a few minutes before adding the next.
  4. After your final coat of paint has been sprayed, let the paint dry for about 1 hour before handling. Paint will be fully dry in 24 hours.